SOS Children’s Village Friend

Our aim is to offer long-term care for children without parental care and children in risk of losing family through alternative care and prevention of children’s abandonment. Long-term care can be achieved only with your regular support.
If you decide to become SOS Children’s Village friend please contact us via email:
Minimal value of the donation per month is 10€.  You can also donate more and you can decide to make donations quarterly as well.

Where is your donation used? 

  • Providing food and clothing for children at the SOS Family
  • Education, skills development and talent development for children  
  • Preparing children for an independent life
  • Psycho – pedagogical support for children living at the SOS Children’s Village and children that are supported by the prevention of abandonment programmes

We do not want to support children only materially , we work that they overpass and they cope with past problems and that they manage to be independent in the future. We wish that they gain necessary skills for an independent life.

You support us that our goal that these children become independent in the future is achieved.

What do you receive if you become SOS Children’s Village Friend?

  • Welcome letter
  • Newsletter
  • Thank you letter