Ana and her story

Ana was little girl, just as cute as any child within the project of Centre for Short and Middle Term Placement  “Dielli”. Ana had rather shy behavior, uninterested to be held on hands and yet she hadn’t been walking except from crawling around the room to play with her desired toys and she demonstrated interest in toys but unable to reach them. She would crawl and glance to the desired objects without any attempt to reach them and would use her entire palm to play with the desired toys.

She had been referred for a psychological evaluation to the psychologist of the counseling center. After the evaluation it is seen that psycho-motoric function of Ana was relatively delayed.

Special programs were designed for Ana and were given to her educator who was in charge of assisting her development. Raising her on vertical position and assisting her standing on foot, stimulating to reach toys in achievable heights, as well as the use of ball to stimulate her spinal muscles has shown a great success at stimulating Ana’s walking, always remembering the remarkable job of the corresponding educator who implemented stimulation precise on time and professionally on techniques.

After 4 months of continuous stimulation program, Ana was re-evaluated by the psychologist. She had achieved an enormous progress. Our little Ana was able to walk, use her thumb fingers to reach small toys as well as her babbles were present, and just about to turn into simply words.

Centre for Social Welfare with the legal caregiver of Ana, presented a couple who were willingly to become the legitimate parents to our little Ana.  By then there were no development issues, not difficulties presented by Ana and her development was adequate to her chronological age.

Little Ana was just ready to leave us…but she opened new gates to becoming legal daughter of two caring and loving parents.