Services offered in the area of education are covered by two units: Kindergarten and Peer advocacy and education support for marginalized children. Besides these two units, the program implements a particular component of social and financial education known as Aflataun, to raise awareness of children’s social responsibility and financial savings.


SOS Kindergarten: SOS Kindergarten has been launched in September 2002 and since the beginning, this kindergarten has provided services to 750 children. Kindergarten provides preschool and day care for 130 children from the SOS Children’s Villages and neighbourhood children, ages 3 -6 years. Among the principles of the kindergarten work is the promotion of inclusive education, which means that the kindergarten is open to all children without discrimination and in particular for children with special needs, children who live in difficult social and economic situation. The main goal is to ensure the conditions for fulfilling the needs and interests of the child by opening opportunities for their full development. General educational activities are developed based on four principles: child education, learning through play, promotion of social and family life, and the promotion of inclusive education.

Educational program is reviewed and re-drafted every year at the end of August by educational personnel in order to respond to each age group of children taking into account the interests, needs and their individual requirements and development.

Peer advocacy and educational support to marginalized children: This project began in September 2014 and will last until the end of August 2015. It is supported by the Embassy of the United States of America, and is implemented in Primary School “Selman Riza” in Fushe Kosova.  The project is designed to provide direct essential services, with the focus on vocational training and advocacy.