At the SOS Children’s Village, Advocacy means taking different actions in improving different policies and practices that impact the welfare of the children in risk of losing parental care or that have lost parental care. Based on the long-term experience in our work with children without parental care we try to influence policy makers, institutions and society to work on policy, social, economic and cultural changes that will ensure children their rights in a supportive and developed environment.

SOS Children’s Villages believes that are children have right to quality care, that guarantees to the children the right to experience positive, strengthened, stable and loving  relationships, that are vital for their personal development. Therefore on 15th of May 2013 SOS Children’s Villages started the Advocacy Campaign on Quality Care for each child “Care for Me!”

The campaign aims in raising the awareness on the importance of the family and ensuring children’s welfare within family, institutional and organizational support on implementation of the policies that offer qualitative social services on supporting and strengthening families in risk and prevention of separation of children from their family environment.  

“Prevention of abandonment”

One month campaign was implemented within the 3 year campaifn “Care for Me” that aims on  awareness rising on children’s abandonement (0-3 years old). Precisely this campaign focused on the importance of legal statute solution of the abandoned children in order to find them a permanent and a loving family.  

This campaign resulted in a close cooperation within University Clinical Center of Kosovo and Gynecology Hospital. SOS Village Psychology spents a day in Gynecology Hospital and offers counselling and support for the mother that are potential for children abandonement and also the mothers that consider abortion.

“I give hope”

The campaign’s goal is to state the importance of different forms of alternative care (SOS Family, Foster Familiy, Adoptive Family) as wel as the importance of the Biological Family. The campaign was launched through a press conference on May 15, 2015 and has been attained in the frame of our 3 year long campaign “Care for Me”, a campaign that aims at raising the awarenes of the general population regarding the importance of the family and ensuring the welbeing of the children within the family.