Licence for provision of social and family services

SOS Children’s Villages Kosovo has been a partner to the government in provision of alternative care for children and provision of various social and family services since 2001.

In the frame of Care4Me campaign, SOS Children’s Villages have initiated and actively participated in setting up minimum standards for family and social services, including the developing the set number of criteria for licensing individuals and NGOs who provide social and family services.

After the approval of the minimum standards by the Government, the Licensing Commission was created and its goal was to identify and select a number of organizations who fulfill the main criteria for provision of social and family services.

As the President of the Board of the National Coalition of NGOs for Child Protection, the NPDD Blerta Perolli Shehu, was called as an observer of licensing commision’s work. Twenty Organizations applied and after a very careful consideration, the licensing commission identified the organizations who fulfil the criteria for providing social and family services.

On July 11, 2015, Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, Mr. Arban Abrashi together with the Director for Social and Family Policies, Mr.  Muhamet Gjocaj, provided SOS Children’s Villages Kosovo with a license together with 12 other Non-Governmental Organizations and Judicial Subjects who offer social and family services.

The licensing process of social and family service providers is a continuous process and it is based on the Law for Social and Family Services, which also includes other sub-laws that regulate the field of social and family services.

With the individual licensing of social and family service providers, it is considered that the Organizations will become partners with the relevant Government instances. Moreover, licensed Organizations will be offered solid preconditions for advancing and developing the social and family service provision in Kosovo, services which will be of the same level, or higher, with the regional neighboring countries.

In addition, SOS Children’s Village Kosovo and 12 other NGOs who were licensed , enjoy the full right to apply for government subsidies.