SOS Children’s Villages in the world

SOS Kinderdorf International is non- governmental based in Austria, that supports, helps and cares for children without parental care, abandoned and children in need in 133 countries and territories, with over 2100 programmes, by building children’s villages, social and health centres, programes on prevention of abandonment, educational programes, advocacy initiatives etc. Diversity of our international work and services is under the International Organization parts of which are the independent national organizations.

In all countries where SOS Children’s Villages act aims in establishing national association as an independent entity, with its own legal statue and Board of Directors. What is common for these associations is that they are part and under the umbrella of the international organization. Each member association must work in accordance with international statute and principles of the SOS Children’s Villages for education and care of children and also for administrative and financial practices.
National associations are registered as foundations, associations, non-profitable organizations etc. As full members of the SOS Children’s Villages they have the right to apply for funds under the umbrella association and ask services from the General Secretariat.